Jun 152011

RIT has officially announced our project!

From the news release:

A team of faculty and students from Rochester Institute of Technology is developing a game system that will help undergraduate college students navigate the barriers to academic and social success.

The Just Press Play project, an experiment that applies game design principles to the undergraduate student experience at RIT, is being funded by Microsoft Research Connections. Microsoft is teaming up with RIT’s School of Interactive Games and Media as part of the company’s Games for Learning Institute, whose mission is to study and create games that are fun, educational and effective.

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Jun 152011

We are delighted to announce a major gift from Microsoft Research Connections in support of the Just Press Play project. Their generosity will enable us to move forward with rolling out the game to our students this fall, and to work with partners at other institutions to extend our work into other educational environments!

You can read more about the project and the gift from Microsoft on the RIT School of Interactive Games & Media site and the Microsoft Research “Gameful Research” site.

If you want to know when we launch, you can sign up for updates on the game on the new Just Press Play site (play.rit.edu).