Jul 102012

There is a reason for a beta phase. You see what works; what doesn’t.

The previous designer was told to go light, and playful and colorful. It didn’t quite hit the mark. A mid-year revision reworked the palette and some of the elements, but it didn’t change greatly.

With this new year comes a decisive overhaul of Just Press Play. There is much happening under the hood, but I can speak to the portion that is visible to the outside. The goal is playful, vibrant and alive. With that in mind, the graphics are solid. There is not a gradient to be found. There are no faux bubbles, nor drop shadows. The rework continues.



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Mar 092011

Charlie pinged me to see what he could be working on (because that’s how he rolls).

Can I just take this moment to say that everyone on this project kicks ass? /aside

Told him to work on levels as actual states, and a means of indicating progress in-level. Some interesting side discussion:

  • Both he and I are accustomed to RPGs (Role Playing Games), and my gut says a descriptor of the design style of those games is “EPIC”. The word “EPIC” is not on the short list of words to describe the site nor the game. My take, is that the word feels very masculine. It’s a subtle distinction, but I think an important one.
  • FYI the adjective list is: playful, light (as in both weight and value), engaging, young, colorful, dynamic. Vision documents contain an overarching description of content objectives. The short list is vision vibe. (Note the absence of the word “EPIC”)
  • There will be levels roughly equivalent to freshman, sophomore, junior and senior levels of college. Additionally, there will be a graduate and alumni level. Faculty and Staff will be playing as well – are they a level? or a class? Should they be collapsed into one grouping? We will not be leveling as the students do. Hrmmm…I think I just answered my question. Class it is.
  • The last bit was just my assignment to Charlie – this is ideation week. We’ve already seen the XP bar in a gilded frame. How many other ways do we indicate empty to full? Dials? Multiples of things? How do we measure volume of air, liquid or solid? How do we gauge changing states of matter? ¬†of mood?
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