Aug 272012

We’re starting anew, and that means if you played last year, you’ll need to create a brand-new account on our shiny new system.

What happened the  old achievements? A few went away. Many new ones have replaced them.

While none of your past achievements will automatically carry over, this is not to say that they are gone for good. For example, those who earned “For the Lawls” by making Professor Lawley laugh (not an easy task), may ask her to give you her achievement again. Ditto “Knock Knock” from the most evil Professor Pietruch. Others? May be negotiable.

For those of you who played last year, we have a special achievement.

You've played the game before Title: Early Adopter

Description: You were a player before it was cool.

  •  Earned at least one achievement in JPPv1 (2011-12)
  •  Have the IGM office staff scan your PlayPass
  • If you can’t make it to campus, email from your RIT email account.
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