Oct 282011

So we launched with great fanfare on Thursday, October 13.

And we broke.

And we launched again in a much quieter fashion at 2am, Monday the 17th.

Launches come with great fanfare – true. It is also true that they come with nail biting, tears, fantastic levels of adrenaline, euphoria and panic.

It is now the 28th – a little more than two weeks from the beginning and there is a mixture of great success and hobbling along. The successes do outweigh the hobbling bit. We have a good game here. The students are playing. Many are engaged.

After catching up on some sleep, and a modicum of recuperation, it has been a time of reflection for the entire team. The core players that comprise the designated adults of this venture are digesting significant life lessons. Code, media, text and all the attendant bits are interesting to wrangle. Navigating through feelings, process, and agency, discovering when to support and when to kick ass – that’s the tricky bit. I believe I can report as a team and friends, we are closer and have a greater self-awareness than we began this.

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