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Scenario: The regulars (Anton, Marshall, Amy and Kyle) head down to the Cantina for lunch and there is a sign in the stairwell, “So Long and Thanks for all the FIsh.” along with a graphic. These cryptic signs have been popping up around campus for weeks. Without breaking stride Marshall talks into his phone “JUST PRESS PLAY SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH.”

“What is it this time?”
Amy and Kyle say simultaneously. Amy adds, “Dunno how you can surf and walk down stairs at the same time.”

Marshall reports, “It’s a scavenger hunt. Things seniors should do before they leave town. We got this.”

We need to signal it’s going on. At any time there will be a variety of puzzles to solve; achievements to attain. Not all of these will be interesting nor attainable. Regardless, the information at the site has to be fresh and relevant.

  • Achievement of the day/week/some other discreet unit – some achievements may be ephemeral, or will last only as long as there is interest in it. Perhaps it is seasonal. For whatever reason, one will have to hit while it’s hot.
  • Achievements that your friends have recently gotten – because we know you’re not competitive.
  • Achievements targeted toward you – because you are a freshman, taking a particular class
  • Achievements that many people have “liked”

Additionally, there will be site specific achievements which should be signaled at their location. We can utilize smart phones or rfid bracelets to broadcast our location, and the location can talk back to us. And then there are those cryptic signs. I still like paper.

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  1. some other mechanisms:

    1) be able to challenge one or more other people to complete something (either to match or beat your accomplishment)
    2) ability to add things that look interesting but that you don’t have time/ability to do now to a “maybe later” queue, and then have that queue be clearly visible to you when you’re on the site as a reminder.

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