Jan 042011

One night, over wings, Steve O and Brad said, “We should have achievements for being awesome.”

How awesome?

In so many ways. What we have here in the Interactive Games and Media department is all kinds of awesome, of sick, of of of…but how to define it? And how would we measure it? And what would you do to get that indicator of your oh-so-awesomeness?

This begat an email to Andy, our most wise leader, which spawned the academic version of, “Let’s put on a show! I’ve got costumes and a barn!”

So we are in the process of creating an achievement system for IGM. “JUST PRESS PLAY”

This is the design and process blog for this endeavor. I have entitled it “THINK PLAY”.

Well, that is the original idea of what this is. I promise there will be lots about the design process, but it is my nature to be a storyteller so I will likely riff off that idea of “think play”. There are others here who think and play. I think they may very well jump in here and throw in their two cents, four bits, or bushel.


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