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IGM Faculty

Last Namesort icon First Name Position
Bayliss Jessica Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
Bierre Kevin Associate Professor
Biles Al Professor
Bobadilla Sotelo Alberto Lecturer
Cascioli Christopher Lecturer
Cascioli Erin Lecturer
Decker Adrienne Assistant Professor
Deterding Sebastian Visiting Assistant Professor
Doubleday Nancy Associate Professor
Egert Chris Associate Professor, Associate Director of the MAGIC Center
Goodman Gordon Professor
Harris W. Michelle Associate Professor
Henderson Tona Director and Associate Professor
Jackson Jay Alan Associate Professor
Jacobs Stephen Professor, Associate Director of the MAGIC Center, and Visiting Scholar, National Center for the History of Electronic Games
Jefferson Tony Senior Lecturer
Kurtz Steve Professor
Lawley Elizabeth Professor and Director, Laboratory for Social Computing
May Brian Lecturer
O'Brien Jesse Lecturer
Oyzon Elouise (aka Weez) Associate Professor
Phelps Andrew Professor and Director, the RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction and Creativity (MAGIC)
Pietruch Joe Lecturer and Director, Kids on Campus
Schull Jonathan Associate Professor (retired)
Schwartz David Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Simkins David Assistant Professor
Van De Mark Cody Lecturer
Vick Erik Assistant Professor (retired)
Whittington Keith Associate Professor (retired)