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Alienware Student Purchase Program

RIT, the School of Interactive Games & Media, and Dell have partnered together to provide an exclusive discount on Alienware desktops and laptops available only to you, our students! These computers are configured specifically to meet the high end needs of RIT’s elite game design and development community as well as allow the flexibility to choose your favorite hardware components. Whether you are fragging the day away or working on that next big project for class you are sure to blow away the competition with the power of Alienware at your fingertips!

We are now delighted to be able to extend this offering to all students at RIT! Any current student with a campus login will be able to take advantage of this deal!

Current students in IGM academic majors can log in below to be redirected to the Dell/Alienware private portal for this program.

Enter the Alienware Student Purchase Portal

PLEASE NOTE: when you are viewing the base conditions, you can modify the configuration options away from the current spec we use in IGM labs depending on cost and functionality desired (in both increasing and decreasing scales).

Problems logging in?
Please call Brennan at (512) 513-0861
Reference: Rochester Institute of Technology using your email address